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Every customer is unique

We help you to use data to automate internal processes in your business. We will propose a range of algorithm developments and their web applications to achieve this.


Wide range of experience with businesses

We have innovated new web applications for small business projects as well as multinational firms, and we continue to develop new solutions.


Listening to your project

After discussing your business challenges, we work together to find simple digital solutions for you.

Intelligent Web Application

We develop algorithms to replace time consuming and less productive old-fashioned internal processes (for instance use of excel sheets, outdated software, etc.) for better business performance and better working conditions.


Data Scraper

Data is a milestone in digital transformation. We help you to build systems to collect, organize, and analyse any data required for your digital transformation (for instance, prospection automation, logistics automation, etc..)

We have selected a range of programming languages: Python, PHP, and JavaScript. All of them are very popular, easy to maintain, multi-functional and have proven web functionality, particularly Python, when it comes to data analysis, algorithm development, and machine learning.

Founder, entrepreneur and business manager

Rémy Crépet

Founder, entrepreneur and business manager

After many years as a sales manager in the internet industry, he founded Octa’Com to provide better digital projects for his clients and partners. 

In 2018, he co-founded Octa’Lab Innovation to provide performance enhancement and digital transformation solutions for all small and medium size businesses.

As an active member of the BNI, the world’s leading business referral organization, he loves sharing his experience with entrepreneurs and has taken on a range of responsibilities: Secretary-Treasurer and now President of the BNI group ‘Saint-Etienne 7 Collines’.

Founder, entrepreneur, data analyst, developer

Julien Raynaud

Founder, entrepreneur, data analyst, developer

With a degree in industrial automation, a PhD in Behavioural Sciences from the University of Zurich, and wide-ranging experience in science and industry, Julien has a keen interest in data analysis and programming.

He co-founded Biowebspin in 2013, a web platform for open innovation (with a funding round of CHF 770,000 and an award from the ‘Réseau Entreprendre Suisse Romande’ in 2014).

Now he is co-running Octa’Lab Innovation as a back-end developer and data analyst in close collaboration with the Octa Geek Team.

Digital communication agency

Octa Geek Team

Digital communication agency

Octa’Lab Innovation can count on the support and experience of the Octa Geek Team from Octa’Com, a digital communication and web development agency.

The technical, logistical and personnel support from Octa’Com and its team of over 20 experts guarantees great results for your digital project.

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